Construction of Taldykorgan plant of accumulators started in 1970, and in January, 1975 the first accumulator battery 6CT - 75EM was produced. Serial production of accumulator batteries in wide assortment was launched during a short time period. Taldykorgan plant of lead accumulators was one of the five accumulator batteries manufactures in the territory of the USSR.

“Kainar-AKB” Company is a domestic producer of accumulator batteries, it is included in the Register of domestic producers of Holding “Samruk — Kazyna”, it is also a member of the International Union of accumulator batteries producers “Interbat” . Today “Kainar-AKB” LTD is thought to be a firmly established enterprise with developed economy and the finished production of accumulator batteries. The last thing means that all components of batteries are made at the plant – from details and accessories molding till finished products assembly. Thanks to this factor we can cut expenses on their production, it means that the prices for goods offered by us are minimum. This is one of many advantages distinguishing our plant production in comparison with similar production. In 2007 - 2008 the main production processes were modernized, full replacement of communications and equipment in all workshops and sites was performed.

Production of batteries is made on the new equipment that meets all international standards, it had considerable impact on production quality , allowed to increase productive capacities and cut expenses of raw materials and materials. The equipment was purchased from the advanced in the world firms – producers: "Sovema" (Italy), "Engitec Technologies LTD" (Italy), "MAC" (USA), "Digatron" (USA), "Kustan" (Germany), "Teccominko", "BTS" (Canada) of "BM" (Austria), "Sanhuan" and "Haitian" (China). Also the process of production lead - acid accumulators was improved. Modern technologies are used from regeneration (the newest modern workshop of utilization of used lead acid batteries under the advanced European technology was constructed and put into operation) of the accumulator waste, its reprocessing in electrothermal furnaces and deep purification of lead with subsequent receiving of low- antimonous, selenic, calcic alloys and finally to production of new generation batteries.

Application of new technologies, high-quality materials and special additives allows to produce accumulator batteries for active masses which meet strict requirements of the market, and also guarantees excellent operation, allows to increase the range of products. Work on competitiveness increase and enhance of export became a continuous process for “Kainar-AKB” Company. All produced accumulator batteries go through quality control according to the Kazakhstani standard (ST – KZ) and to the Russian standard (RST), the result of which is thought to be manufacturing the products that meet the highest requirements and expectations of the consumer.

The main sales markets of production of “Kainar-AKB” Company are the CIS countries and abroad: Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Belarus, China, United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan.

All above-mentioned encouraged accumulation of huge technical, intellectual and personnel potential. Highly qualified specialists working at the enterprise perform constant control of quality of products, and also seek for improvement of already available batteries.

We provide guarantee to our production which conforms to the International standards and concrete requirements of clients.